Texas Gun Free Businesses

This is an alphabetical list of Gun Free Businesses that will prohibit Open Carry in Texas as of January 1st, 2016.  It is being continuously updated.  If you have an update of a Gun Free Business #TXgunfreebiz or one allowing Open Carry not listed on this site email: GunFreeBusinesses@gmail.com

Please reach out to these businesses when you can via social media, email, or in person when you shop there to show your gratitude for their choice to be a#TXgunfreebiz!

Please use #TXgunfreebiz and #TXgfb on social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, etc) to encourage Texas businesses to get their GFB on!

Open Carry Banned-OCB, all on the list below ban open carry with the appropriate signage, if it’s not up now it will be soon.

Concealed Carry Banned-CCB-all with CCB ban Concealed Carry-with appropriate signage, if it’s not up now it will be soon.

The following list is compiled from community outreach, business outreach, and the following lists that are all being regularly updated:

Mom’s Demand Action

Houston’s List

AMC Theatres
Fiesta Mart

Flix Brewhouse Movie Theatre-CCB & OCB
Golden Bingo Family Halls
HEB-all 150 locations

Hideout Theatre & Coffee House-CCB & OCB

24 Hour Fitness-all members are required to sign contracts that they won’t bring any weapons onto their property, including guns.

Planet Fitness-CCB & OCB
Simon Property Group (Simon Malls) who owns >20 malls in Tx
Texas Zero Waste Strategies-consultancy, won’t do business w/businesses allowing Open Carry.

Taco Cabana-OCB

Torchy’s Tacos
Whataburger-all 780 locations
Whole Foods

Alamo Drafthouse
Amy’s Ice Cream

ColdTowne Theater-CCB & OCB, believe a good bit can take down a gunman and ensuring ColdTowne is a safe space.
Fairview Bed & Breakfast-CCB & OCB
Franklin BBQ-OCB
Kerbey Lane Cafe-OCB
P. Terry’s
Top Notch
Trader Joe’s – (as of 4:53 pm 12/31/2015).

Zinger’s Hardware-CCB & OCB


CJ’s Sports Bar & Grill

Mel’s Lone Star Lanes

Corpus Christi:

Crosstown Bingo
Las Vegas Bingo



The Galleria-owned by Simon Malls-OCB

Memorial City Malls

Antone’s Famous Po Boys
BackStreet Cafe
Beck’s Prime
Bernie’s Burger Bus
Cajun Stop
Common Bond
Gringo’s/Jimmy Changa’s
Jenni’s Noodle House
Lupe Tortilla
Natachee’s Supper and Punch
Niko Niko’s
Ninfa’s on Navigation
Pizaro’s Pizza
Spanish Village
Tacos A Go Go
Treadsack Restaurants (“FYI, Down House, Johnny’s, and Foreign Correspondents have 51% licenses. We will be posting 30.07 signs in Hunky Dory, Bernadine’s, and D&T Drive Inn. I echo Tracy’s statement in the piece: alcohol and guns don’t mix well.”)

Grocery Stores:


Casa Ole-OCB

San Antonio:
Bandera Late Night Bingo
Callaghan Bingo
Golden Bingo
Ingram Park Late Night Bingo
Jackpot Bingo
Lucky Bingo
Plaza Bingo
Power Bingo
Southeast Bingo
Unique Bingo


8 thoughts on “Texas Gun Free Businesses

  1. You do realize that a lot of these places listed only prohibit *open* carry, and concealed carry is still allowed, yes? And it still remains to be seen as to which of those places have the 30.07 sign (prohibiting open carry) in addition to the 30.06 (prohibiting concealed carry), as well as whether both signs fit the legal requirements to be enforceable (that is, someone carrying in defiance can be charged with a specific violation of “criminal trespass by a licensed handgun carrier” instead of a generic “trespassing”)?

    I like to assume the best in people, so I don’ *think* you’re intentionally lumping all those together to make it seem like a lot more people and organizations support a “gun free” Texas than actually do, but I don’t think you can consider that “concealed carry okay, open carry no” to be “gun free” without bending the definition of the latter all out of shape.


    • Hello,

      The first version that I made in 2 hours by myself and released on New Years Eve so we’d have something up on New Years Day has everything grouped together so it would be up on the site. The main page and new tabs “Texas Gun Free Businesses” and “Open Carry Businesses” further split them up. I’m still working on updating it atm-it’s been live 17 hours-on the Texas Gun Free Businesses page, which is also the home page it lays out the differences, if CCB is by a business it means Concealed Carry is banned, if OCB=Open Carry banned. Several have both. I’m still going thru emails to update.

      The overall goal is for them to be entirely gun free, the 30.07 sign is the first step. The 30.06 sign is the second, this site is to encourage businesses to take those steps and to show progress in this area. I plan to analyze the data collected for the long term.

      Thank you for your comment and concerns.


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