Gun Free Businesses Update

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for visiting Gun Free Businesses!  Here’s some updates:

  1. I’m going to integrate a mailing list for you to sign up for to receive updates
  2. The list is twice as long as when it originally launched thanks to all of you for reaching out and sending me updates.  Please keep sending me updates, here’s what to send to 
    1. Business’ name
    2. Location (state wide, town or city)
    3. Website-if available
    4. OCB-Open Carry ban (30.07 sign-if it’s up or soon will be)
    5. CCB-Concealed Carry ban (30.06 sign-if it’s up or soon will be)
  3. If you have a business on the gun free page of this site here’s aMAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT:  My good friend Joan Gross Brook is offering free website photography for all businesses on this list as a thank you for continuing to serve your customers in a safe environment by choosing to opt out of the open carry legislation.  Please contact Joan for free website photography at and her website is
    The session will include 5 photos. One exterior, one interior and 3 specialized (ex: signature dishes or drinks).
  4. I’m planning on turning this into an app and doing a crowdfunding campaign.  I will have a further update on this soon.
  5. Last but not least the comments and posts sections on the site otherwise known as forums.  Here’s what you need to know:
    1. Only comments that I’ve approved show up-they are sent to me to review and decide what to do with them, thank you moderation tools!
    2. Everything below applies to the entire site, visitors comments towards one another & others including me.  It also applies to my email.
    3. The forum isn’t a core priority of mine.
    4. I check email and update the site with businesses, then moderate comments all at the end of the day at night.
    5. No Hate speech of any kind in a comment it = immediate deletion.
    6. No usage of the words or phrases: ‘crazies’, ‘crazy,’ ‘nuts,’ ‘___tards,’ ‘when you die/get injured…’, or anything threatening ill will towards another.
    7. No Discrimination-I’m a pansexual (LBTQ+) genderfluid woman with epilepsy and I really have no time for it.
    8. No Threats-of any kind.
    9. No Rants-ALL CAPS RANTS=auto-delete.
    10. NO TROLLING.
    11. Be polite, no rudeness
    12. Be respectful towards everyone, me and the site.
    13. I am not required to approve your comment or anyone who attempts to comment on the page.
    14. The site doesn’t have to have a comment section.
    15. Thank you for visiting the site, submitting your comment and helping grow the list.  I appreciate y’alls feedback to further improve what is being built here.  Also, the comments section is a place for me to get feedback and answer questions in a healthy space.  If you want to verbally battle it out with someone, go elsewhere.  This isn’t the site for that.

Thank you everyone!
Happy New Year!

Heather Ross


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