For any businesses that need signs the Austin Chronicle is providing concealed carry ban (30.06) and open carry ban (30.07) signs for free in PDF format here:


Legal Options:

  1. Post the 30.07 open carry ban sign by the entrance in English and Spanish in a clearly visible location.
  2. Tell people orally about the business’ policy regarding open carry, concealed carry, firearms, or weapons.
  3. Hand people the 30.07 sign on a card.


Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. Are businesses abiding by the law when they opt out of open carry or concealed carry?
    1. Yes.  It is 100% legal to opt out.  In Texas private property owners are legally able to opt into or opt out of open and concealed carry as well as press charges against anyone who carries on their property without consent.
  2.  What happens if a business ignores the policy by not addressing it or putting signs up?
    1. Then people can open and concealed carry on their property.
  3. What is required to get a Concealed Handgun License that also allows people to legally open carry?
    1. Federal Background Check
    2. 4-6 hours of practical training
    3. An exam


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